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About Token

Diadem (DDM) is utility ERC-20 token
The growth of price is expected because of increasing demand for services that platform provides for tokens:

Build and deploy smart challenge to increase productivity of your staff
Launch social advertisment to create trend in the global community
Invest in talents and receive dividends from their achievements

You can trade DDM for personal token of any person in the world on domestic exchange.
You can pay with DDM for any goods at local shops in Russia and Europe, thanks to our partner

About Team

We are building the platform for communities that would allow to distribute the money at the moment of creation according to the verified actions of community participants.
We are building the society that distribute the money without taking it from everyone else, the society where anyone would be able to support another and provide motivation through smart challenges.
We propose the economy based on personal tokens that would give everyone transparent access to the capital in order to realize talents and turn dreams into reality.
Finally, we deliver the tokenized economy to user’s everday lives through integration with centralized social networks.